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The way that chat sites like The Inn works IE3 will keep consuming system resources each time you Chat/Reload. Eventually they will all be used up and your system will crash. Periodically you need to use the Go menu item and select the 1 Dark Room item, keep doing this over and over until you get back up to the Dark Room menu entry that occurs after The INN menu entry.

There is a Win95 utility program you can run that will warn you before it gets too late.

Installing the Resource Meter shortcut

  1. Start Windows Explorer
  2. Open the \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp folder
  3. Right click an empty spot in the right window and select New Shortcut
  4. Enter: RSRCMTR.EXE in the input field if at this point you get an error saying it can't be found go here to see the install instructions
  5. Click Next
  6. Enter Resource Meter in the input field
  7. Click Finish
Now double click the shortcut in the Explorer window to start the meter now. The Resource Meter will start itself each time you boot windows from now on.

In the task bar you will see a little green thermometer, it will change to yellow and finally red as system resources are used up. It will pop up a warning box when 90 percent are used, and then you need to do the Go menu thing till you get back to the top Dark Room item.

When you get the warning about low resources: Select the Go menu item in IE3. When you drop it you'll see a list:

  1. The Dark Room
  2. The Dark Room
  3. The Dark Room
  4. The Dark Room
  5. The Dark Room
with the 5 item checked. Select the 1 Dark Room

Select the Go menu again and it'll look like:

  1. The Dark Room
  2. The Dark Room
  3. The Dark Room
  4. The Dark Room
  5. The Dark Room
  6. The Dark Room
  7. The Dark Room
again with the 5 item checked. Select the 1 Dark Room once again. Keep doing this over and over until you get to the point where you see an entry that says The Inn at that point you want to select the second Dark Room so that you don't lose your handle config, assuming that you do that first thing after getting into the room.

To install the Resource Meter on your system

  1. Click Start
  2. Select Settings, then Control Panel
  3. Double click Add/Remove Programs
  4. Select the Windows Setup Tab
  5. Click on the item Accessories (NOT the checkbox beside it) to highlight it. If you uncheck the checkbox by accident, click the Cancel button and start over.
  6. Click Details
  7. Scroll down and click the checkbox next to System Resource Meter (There may also be other handy things there that have not been installed yet like Character Map, Calculator, Paint, Wordpad. You can install them all at the same time too by just clicking them on.)
  8. Click Ok
  9. Click Apply
  10. Now at this point it may ask you for your Win95 CD or diskettes. If it does just follow the directions. and click Ok
  11. Click Ok
  12. Close the Control Panel Window
  13. Redo the shortcut installation process from above

Last Updated: July 5, 1997

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