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Hi folks!
Welcome to my homepage.
Hereby dedicated to having fun on the net.


Places To Visit

Chat Room
The Dark Room at The INN
The place where my friends chat. You must be at least 18 to visit.
Realtime Internet Chat Programs
Get LOL Chat
Page me at Dave '57 If LOLChat isn't already running it will launch, but probably won't connect the first attempt. So it's better if you start it before clicking the link.

Get PowWow
Loon me at dave57@hotmail.com PowWow must be running before you click this link.

Free Internet E-mail Providers
Get RocketMail
E-mail me at dave57@rocketmail.com

Get Hotmail
E-mail me at dave57@hotmail.com


Nerd Stuff

Color Code Tables
A listing of RGB Color codes for page backgrounds. Just take a look it'll brighten your day.
Named Colors
A listing of a lot of named colors. If you know of one that isn't in the list please E-mail it to me and I'll look at adding it.
HTML 101
Some basic HTML commands you can use at chat sites that support embedding HTML.
Win95 Resource Meter
Instructions on how to install the Resource Meter which will make your life better because it'll stop some of those unexplained system crashes after using IE3 for a long time.

Friend Stuff

My friends from the net
A collection of truly amazing people

people have been silly enough to look in here!

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Last Updated: June 29, 1997