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Re-spark the Darkzap
pretty spooky eh?

WHAT A reunion for all darkroomers from now and the past.
WHERE Click to jump to the Dark Room at The INN
WHEN Wed, Oct 15, All day and into the night.
WHY Because it's just so much darn fun, that's why grin
A thing of beautyRefreshments to be provided by m'Lady being assisted, by PACO!, 'fazio', Mistressa and an assortment of neices and nephews...
The fare will be an elegant repast of hot and cold meats, seafood, fresh fruits and veggies, breads, cheeses, Chocolates, and Mistressa's wonderful desserts...Champagne will flow like water...*the beer coolers are well stocked, too*...full bar service is available....smoooooooch
I couldn't find a train going into a tunnel, so this is what you get insteadA larger hot tub has been ordered..the music updated on the jukebox...a new shipment of leather *toys* has arrived....compliments of LO....dancing, frolicing in the tub, fornicating on the sofa is to be expected on a grand scale...Sundry items, ie: condoms, lotions, potions, balms and powders will be given as party favors...
Please remember the attire for this gathering is FLANNEL, COTTON OR THERMALS is optional of course but if you do choose to arrive sans togs...a light spritz of perfume is most welcome... Don't believe all of the rumors, only some are true
I'm always ready! *wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more*

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